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ECCO2 Meeting, 23-24 September 2008, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

ECCO2 Meetings


J. Marshall: Ocean state estimation in the presence of eddies and ice.

L.-L. Fu: Objectives and requirements of SWOT for observing the oceanic mesoscale variability.

Green's function global calculations and associated science

D. Menemenlis: A Greens function optimization on the CS510 grid.

H. Zhang: Assessment of the ECCO2 high-resolution global-ocean and sea-ice data synthesis.

A. Nguyen: Assessment of the ECCO2 optimized solution in the Arctic.

M. Schodlok: The Role of Ice Shelf - Ocean Interaction in the ECCO2 Data Synthesis.

V. Zlotnicki (presented by D. Menemenlis): Time-Mean SSH from ECCO2 cube84 and data.

D. Volkov: ECCO2 meridional heat transports in the ocean.

H. Brix: Sea surface temperature and heat budget variability in ECCO2.

M. Manizza: ECCO2 & Arctic Ocean: physical and biogeochemical applications.

M. Follows: The Darwin project: modeling marine microbial communities.

G. Maze: Eddy modulation of air-sea heat fluxes.

X. J. Davis: Numerical and theoretical investigations of North Pacific Subtropical Mode Water.

Technology discussions

J.-M. Campin: MITgcm model development.

A. Adcroft: Remapping algorithms.

O. Jahn: Biogeochemistry with many tracers.

A. Nguyen: Brine rejection and its effect on the Arctic halocline.

I. Hoteit: Ensemble Kalman filtering in the MITgcm with DART.

D. Sulsky (presented by D. Menemenlis): Modeling Arctic sea ice with material-point method.

L. Zanna: Optimal Perturbations with the MITgcm.

C. Henze: Scientific vizualization.

Plans for next phase of ECCO2

G. Forget: On one year adjoint/Argo estimates.

M. Mazloff (presented by P. Heimbach): Southern Ocean overturning circulation from an eddy permitting state estimate.

P. Heimbach: Adjoint CS510 high-resolution cubed sphere.

R. Abernathey: Diagnosing eddy mixing in the Southern Ocean from SOSE.

P. Heimbach: Adjoint modeling in cryosphere.

C. Hill: High resolution and embedding models.

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