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2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2-7 March 2008, Orlando, Florida.

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D. Menemenlis, H. Zhang, and C. Hill
The ECCO2 high resolution global-ocean and sea-ice data synthesis.
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H. Zhang, D. Menemenlis, T. Lee, M. Schodlok, D. Volkov, and V. Zlotnicki
Assessment of the ECCO2 high resolution global-ocean and sea-ice data synthesis using the CLIVAR/GODAE global synthesis and observations panel metrics.
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A. Nguyen, R. Kwok, and D. Menemenlis
Assessment of the ECCO2 coupled ocean and sea ice solution in the Arctic.
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M. Schodlok, D. Menemenlis, and D. Volkov
Assessment of the Southern Ocean solution in the ECCO2 data syntheses.
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V. Zlotnicki
Large scale modes of bottom pressure variability from GRACE and the ECCO model - revisited.
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J. Marshall
Recent developments in the study of eddy stirring and mixing in the Southern Ocean.
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L.-L. Fu
Oceanic mesoscale processes determined from satellite altimetry and the prospects of a wide-swath radar altimeter.
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P. Heimbach
Application of adjoint methods in ocean modeling.
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A. Condron and P. Winsor
Response of the Arctic freshwater budget to extreme NAO forcing.
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J. Hausman and V. Zlotnicki
Sea state bias in satellite radar altimetry - revisited.
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T. Lee and M. McPhaden
Decadal variability in the Indo-Pacific Ocean inferred from satellite data and ECCO assimilation.
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M. Manizza, M. Follows, S. Dutkiewicz, D. Menemenlis, C. Hill, J. McClelland, and B. Peterson
Towards modeling the carbon cycle of the Arctic Ocean.
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D. Volkov and L.-L. Fu
The role of vorticity fluxes in the dynamics of the Zapiola Anticyclone.
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D. Marshall and A. Adcroft
Parameterizing geostrophic eddies in ocean models: energetics, potential vorticity mixing and flow instability.
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X. Davis, L. Rothstein, W. Dewar, and D. Menemenlis
Numerical and theoretical investigations of North Pacific Subtropical Mode Water and its role in Pacific climate variability.

P. Worcester and B. Dushaw
A decade of acoustic thermometry in the North Pacific (a): Using long-range travel times to test gyre-scale temperature variability derived from ocean models.

B. Dushaw and P. Worcester
A decade of acoustic thermometry in the North Pacific (b): Understanding basin-wide averages of temperature by comparisions to the POP numerical ocean model.

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