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ECCO2 Meeting, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, 8-10 November 2009.

ECCO2 Meetings

Global state estimates with eddies

ECCO2 meeting summary slides.

D. Menemenlis: Status of CS510 solutions.

H. Zhang: Progress towards a 16-month CS510 adjoint state estimate.

State estimation including ice

D. Sulsky: Sea ice mechanics.

H. Seroussi & M. Morlighem: Ice Sheet System Model. (ISSM website)

P. Heimbach: The coupled ocean/sea-ice adjoint model: current uses for sensitivity studies and state estimation.

State estimation systems and methods

P. Heimbach & I. Fukumori: ECCO-GODAE to ECCO-CLIVAR: Plans for transfer of production to JPL.

G. Forget: Revisiting ECCO observational constraints.

J. Gebbie: Adjoint-related activities at Harvard.

A. Moore: The ROMS 4D-var assimilation systems applied to the California Current System.

B. Cornuelle: Regional assimilation projects at SIO.

M. Mazloff: CASE: an eddy-resolving state estimate of the California Coastal System.

Enabling technologies

J.-M. Campin: MITgcm development.

C. Hill: High-resolution grids and coupling/regridding.

J. Utke: OpenAD 1/2.

C. Hill: Testing out OpenAD in action - calculating freshwater impact on North Atlantic with OpenAD.

Science with ECCO2

D. Menemenlis: Science applications of the hi-res solutions.

E. Rodriguez: Using ECCO data to validate SWOT calibration.

C. Wunsch: The eddy field in the model and in the data.

J. Marshall: Engaging physical oceanographers in ECCO.

D. Volkov: On the reasons for the formation and the variability of the Azores Current.

C. Ubelmann: Vortices near the Equator in the Pacific from ECCO2 simulations.

H. Brix: SST, eddies, and pattern recognition in ECCO2.

C. Hill, S. Baker-Yeboah & O. Jahn: ECCO2 Agulhas - bio, nesting + some physics along the way.

C. Boening: Variability in Southern Ocean circulation derived from ocean bottom pressure anomalies.

A. Fetter: AAIW formation and circulation in ECCO2.

I. Cerovecki: Southern Ocean air-sea buoyancy flux estimates.

R. Gross: Improving predictions of the Earth's rotation using oceanic angular momentum.

C. Hill, S. Dutkiewicz & O. Jahn: Overlaying biogeohemistry/ecosystem dynamics on eddying 1992-2002 cube solution.

C. Hill, S. Dutkiewicz & O. Jahn: Arctic nutrient streams.

D. Kiefer: Dynamic habitat mapping of pelagic tuna and shark species for improved fisheries management.

G. Spreen: Comparing Arctic sea ice kinematics from satellite remote sensing data to ECCO2 model results

M. Schodlok: Estimating the Antarctic Freshwater contribution to the Southern Ocean in the ECCO2 data synthesis.

M. Miller: Ocean cooling and ice sheet melting response.

A. Nguyen: Formation of the Arctic upper halocline in a coupled ocean and sea-ice model.

M. Manizza: Polar oceans biogeochemical studies.

L.-L. Fu: High-resolution wide-swath altimetry will make breakthrough in observing the oceanic submesoscale.

D. Moroni: Providing an improved wind stress parameterization and QuikSCAT wind stress constraints for ECCO2.

P. Heimbach: Northern Ocean State Estimate.

C. Hill: Ultra-high resolution/nested calculations.



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